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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trivia contests

Last week I posted about several unique book contests that are floating out there on the web. This week I found some slightly less creative ones, but ones that might still be fun. These are all trivia contests—contests design to reward faithful readers of particular books, series, or authors. Some of the prizes are pretty fun too.

Eagle Blue

You can win a book from Bloomsbury if you’re up on your trivia. Do you know your Alaskan basketball? Do you know your Michael D’Orso books? If so, then answer their question by March 31, 2006 to qualify to win his latest book.

Danielle Steele
Fans of the bestselling romance novelist can take their shot at winning a linen-bound limited edition novel at Random House:

Deborah Turrell Atkinson

In a quarterly contest at this author's site, trivia winners can win such goodies as autographed books, homemade passion fruit jelly, and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.

Fatal Burn by Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson's Web site will be drawing weekly winners from trivia entrants until May 1. Prizes are a copy of her book and red hot candy.

Baker Books Trivia Contest

Baker Books has a monthly trivia contest. To get into this month’s contest, you’ll have to submit an answer by March 16. The winner will get an advance reader copy of Leonardo’s Swans by Karen Essex.

Penury Press

Penury Press is also offering a free book to be awarded via a drawing of people who correctly answer their trivia question at:

Can You FTP?

Techies who excel at trivia have a chance to win a wide range of technical books—that is if they’re lucky enough to get third prize. The other prizes? Oh just little things like an Apple iPod nano, an HP workstation, a vacation for two, or an FTP conference pass.

Try your luck here:


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