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Friday, April 07, 2006

Thunderbird Falls

One of the blessings of being a reviewer is that sometimes there are authors and books thrust upon you that would never otherwise capture your eye. For me, one of these has been C.E. Murphy.

Granted, the covers of her books are attractive enough, but despite having Native American lineage, I've never been much attracted by its mystique. Nor has Celtic lore had any pull on me. So left to my normal reading habits, my eye would have skimmed right over C.E. Murphy's The Walker Paper trilogies.

And that would have been a loss.

Murphy, a relatively new writer, has burst onto the publishing scene with success that many would envy. She has gone from unpublished to having contracts in hands for three separate series--two fantasy and one action-adventure romance. She recently was invited to contributed a novella to a book alongside such better-known names as Mercedes Lackey and Tanith Lee.

On a personal level, I have been charmed by her work and am on my way to becoming a devoted fan of her Walker Paper series. Granted, the first work had its flaws, but they were flaws that bothered me but little because I was so taken with the characters, premise, and plot. Each offering since then has further reeled me into the series.

The second full book the series (though it comes chronologically after the novella found in Winter Moon) is being released in May 2006. Thunderbird Falls continues the story of the reluctant shaman who must save Seattle whether she wants to or not. That means you have a month left to read the first book in the series: Urban Shaman. Go ahead. I think you'll find the series to be a treat.


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