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Monday, July 03, 2006

Man Camp

Every so often, you come across a book that just tickles your funny bone and keeps you laughing long after you've put it down.

Adrienne Brodeur's Man Camp has done that for me. It's easily one of the funniest books that I've read this year. I found myself constantly reading passages of it aloud to my husband, recounting scenes to several of my friends, and insisting that people I know go and pick themselves up a copy.

Man Camp is Brodeur's debut novel. She published it in 2005 and it was released in paperback last month. It's a fast-paced hilarious read filled with cleverness on every page. There were times when reading it that I almost felt guilty for liking it so much. Where is the egalitarianism in sending men to a camp to learn to be more "manly"? Didn't we leave that sort of sexism behind already?

But Brodeur's novel really does manage to strike a genuine chord. It made even this die-hard feminist chortle with delight.


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