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Monday, June 26, 2006

Gillian Lee-Fong-Farris

Every reader knows the joy of stumbling across an unfamiliar author or title and being surprised by how enjoyable the work is.

I recently received an advance reader copy of a first-time author. I approached it with a bit of hesitation as it wasn't one that I had requested or knew anything about. Too often the books that I receive unsolicited are so far outside my interest area or are so poorly put together that reading becomes a chore.

Thankfully, this book was a wonderful, entertaining, and educational read. The book was Tembe by Gillian Lee-Fong-Farris.

Tembe is a short, young adult novel that tells the story of a boy becoming a man. He belongs to a group of people in Jamaica who are all either escaped slaves or descendents of escaped slaves. Their lives and traditions are a meld of many cultures and are centered around staying hidden and free.

Lee-Fong-Farris writes with a charm that makes the book engrossing. While the coming-of-age story is an old theme, she sets it in a culture about which little has been written.

It comes out in September by Absey & Co. Press. It's a book I would easily recommend to any teacher or school-age child. For that matter, it's a pleasant read for any adult who is looking for something quick.


  • Hey it's me Kaitlyn and Mandy just deciding to POP in to see how you are doing. We miss you sooo much!

    Former B.Garza students

    By Anonymous Kaitlyn and Mandy, at 12:24 PM  

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