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Friday, October 27, 2006

Courage and Michael Weisskopf

Like all good journalists, Michael Weisskopf far prefers to report on a story than be the story. This is a truth that comes across in his book Blood Brothers, where he would far rather tell the story of other people in his situation than to have the focus be on himself.

And yet, Weisskopf has rightly been hailed as a hero. A reporter for Time Magazine, Weisskopf was sent to Iraq to report on the Person of the Year award, which was slated to be the U.S. soldier. He was riding in a humvee with several soldiers and a Time photographer. A live grenade was thrown at them. Immediately, Weisskopf grabbed the grenade and threw it from the humvee, saving himself and everyone else on board. However, it cost him his right hand.

He was one of the few civilians ever to be placed in a military ward where he underwent rehabilitation along with others who had also lost limbs. This is the story that he tells in Blood Brothers.

Here is an excerpt from the new review at Book Help Web:

This is a story told plainly and simply without fanfare, movie score or parade. This is not a book about agenda or commentary on war, but instead a simple, compelling and heartwrenching tale of four men struggling and surviving. This isn't a war story, it's a human story.

Mr. Weisskopf had given us a difficult, but beautiful gift.


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