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Monday, May 01, 2006

Laurie R. King's Writer's Improv

Author Laurie R. King, creator of the Mary Russell and Kate Martinelli lines, has been named the Santa Cruz Artist of the Year. As part of her activities for the year, she is going to hold a Writer's Improv, something she calls "Performance Art with a (Plot) Twist".

On May 20, she is going to write a fantasy-mystery set in south Santa Cruz County. However, the story will be required to use prompts that she has received from the public and which she is given only minutes before she begins writing.

She's soliciting prompts from anyone who wants to send them to her. They are due by 5 p.m. on May 8.

What prompts is she looking for? Any or all of the following 7:

  1. The first line of the story
  2. A name for a middle or junior high school (not a real one)
  3. The name and a description of a video game that a 13-year-old might play (again, this should not be a real game)
  4. A magical device from the imaginary video game--what it's called, what it looks like, what it does.
  5. A middle school or junior high school research topic (any class, any grade)
  6. A favorite snack (no real brand names)
  7. Name of a favorite hangout (not a real place)

If your entry is chosen, you'll receive a signed Laurie R. King novel and be thanked in print when the collection containing the story is published.

Interested? You can find more information here.


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