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Friday, June 09, 2006

Eudora Welty

Like most people, I enjoy collecting the odd bit of trivia. One of the more interesting pieces I picked up recently was about that great American writer, Eudora Welty. She's one of those writers who qualify as a literary giant. She's won a Pulitzer, an American Book Award, a Christopher Medal, a National Medal of Arts and even a French Legion of Honor. The list of her awards go on and on.

More importantly, people genuinely like and enjoy her books.

One of her early works was Why I Live at the P.O.. In 1990, Steve Dorner was busy creating an e-mail program. He wanted the program to be easy to access and easy for people to use. He remembered reading Why I Live at the P.O. and felt that strum of recognition that we get from reading those meaningful books in our lives. So he named the e-mail program he was working on after her--thus was Eudora born.

That bit of trivia, along with a review of one of Welty's photography books, Country Churchyards, was added to Book Help Web yesterday. The review was written by Tom Barnes, publisher of Travel Help Web.


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