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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cruising with authors

In my wanderings through book newsletters and publisher press releases, I came across a tidbit about cruises that are designed for book-lovers.

At first glance, this seems like an odd idea. After all, when one is indulging in a good book, it isn't necessarily a social occasion. You want to be holed up with just the book and maybe a little refreshment on the side. You don't want to be feeling guilty about all the things that you should or could be out doing.

So the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for a nice place to read a book seems a bit absurd.

Yet, after exploring the Authors at Sea page, I'm a little more willing to be convinced.

They bring authors on board and set up book chats, roundtables, and games. They even have a Book Jeopardy. One also assumes that there are plenty of cubbyholes to sit and read.

They also have an imitation of American Idol that they're calling American Title. An editor will read the first page of a manuscript and provide detailed feedback. There's a brave editor!

While most the authors aren't exactly household names, Dean Koontz is the host for the Bon Voyage party. It's also got to be a wonderful way for the authors to promote their books. Sure, they're working, but what a wonderful environment to do promotions in.


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