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Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Interview: C.E. Murphy

Every so often you find an author whose work simply resonates. It may be difficult to put your finger on exactly what it is about that author that is so appealing, but it is there.

I wasn't expecting to like the work of urban fantasy writer Catie Murphy. For one thing, I'm simply not that interested in modern urban fantasy nor does Native American lore hold much appeal for me. So Urban Shaman isn't a book that would normally even be on my radar.

Then I read the novella, "Banshee Cries" in Winter Moon that was published in a collection with Tanith Lee and Mercedes Lackey. That took me back to Urban Shaman and I realized I'd found an author whose work was entertaining and filled with good humor.

As publisher of Book Help Web, I recently had the good fortune to interview her in conjunction with her May release of Thunderbird Falls. She's as personable and filled with good humor when talking about herself as she is writing about her characters and worlds.

She's also one busy lady. For an author who was published for the first time just last year, she already has multi-book contracts for four different worlds.

C.E. Murphy now has a permanent place on my reading list. She'll be one of those short-listed authors whom I make sure I always pick up her latest book.

If you're looking for some good summer reading, I'd recommend taking a look at her books, especially her Luna books, The Walker Papers.


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