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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Authors and Literary Magazines

There are myriad paths that authors take to get from their keyboard to bookstore shelf.

Short stories have always been a way for writers to break into larger markets and editors aren't immune from catching the publishing bug. Yesterday, I wrote about Adrienne Brodeur and her delightful Man Camp. Her pre-publishing background included being the founder and editor of a literary magazine, Zoetrope.

Another author who has gone the literary magazine route is Bill Buford. He was the founding editor of the literary magazine, Granta. His most recent book, Heat, has been selling like hotcakes. It's a book that gives a peek into a kitchen headed by a talented and volatile chef. Buford spent three years in the kitchen, learning everything he could. It's a style he's used before--when researching soccer thugs in England.


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