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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Terry Goodkind

I remember picking up and enjoying Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. There were a few things in the novel that made me a bit squeamish (there's a very strong strain of S&M going through the novels), it was good storytelling with some interesting ideas.

As the series progressed, I continued to read it even though the series quickly became somewhat stale and the events had to be stretched further and further for freshness. Even for fantasy, they started to strain at credibility. Somewhere around the sixth or seventh book, I stopped reading.

Book #10 in the series came out last week and another one is due early next year.

However, the bigger news with this series is that Terry Goodkind has released rights for the books to Sam Raimi, the director of the Spider-Man series. Goodkind hasn't liked any of the film offers up to this point, but was very interested in Sam Raimi's proposal for a miniseries. Raimi's plan is to begin production on the Wizard's First Rule miniseries next year.


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