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Friday, September 29, 2006

Peter Ames Carlin and Catch a Wave

Peter Ames Carlin is a reporter who is devoted to his subject.

Carlin has been a journalist for many years and is currently a television critic for The Oregonian newspaper. He's also freelanced for many major publications.

His passion, though, is for music, particularly if it is music being performed by Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. He's the biographer for Brian Wilson and has recently published Catch a Wave: The Rise, Fall & Redemption of Brian Wilson. It's a biography that weaves song lyrics throughout.

Our reviewer's bottom line take on the book?

Go for it. Brian Wilson is important, and Peter Ames Carlin has probably written the definitive account of his life to date. Just remember to check for the hints of biographer bias that sometimes creep through.
But he has lots more good stuff to say about it. Go check it out for yourself.


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