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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Bad Beginning

Part of the fun of The Series of Unfortunate Events is the disingenuousness of the narrator and the titles he chooses.

Yes, what happens in The Bad Beginning is unfortunate for the orphans. But it is far from a bad beginning for the readers. Instead, this gothic-toned tale is one that inspires laughter and intense appreciation. Daniel Handler, in the person of Lemony Snicket, has created a wonderful series that deserves every ounce of popularity it has gained.

It's a series which turns its back on commercially popular books for children. It doesn't go for cute or harmless. It doesn't refuse to include violence. It doesn't suggest that children can read only small words and fluffy stories. Rather, it trusts its young readers while gently poking fun at other happier types of books.

Handler also litters the books with fun references both literary and scientific. There are little hidden gems that make the books fun to read again and again.

In October, on Friday the 13th to be exact, The End will be released. Leading up to that time, we'll be posting reviews on Book Help Web of the series up to this point. Stay tuned and enjoy!


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