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Friday, October 13, 2006

David Baldacci and The Collectors

David Baldacci is one of the giants in the thriller genre and has managed to attain that status without resorting to series writing.

At least, not until now. On the heels of the bestselling paperback release of The Camel Club, David Baldacci is returning to the cast of quirky characters he created with next Tuesday's release of The Collectors.

This novel was my introduction to David Baldacci's work, though Book Help Web has had several other contributors weigh in on such novels of his as Saving Faith, Wish You Well, and Split Second. So far of the reviews we have, I seem to be the one who enjoyed Baldacci the most--though George insists that he really likes Baldacci--just not so much the ones that he's reviewed.

As for what I thought of The Collectors, you can find out here:

David Baldacci takes his readers on a tour of the Library of Congress throughout the book, introducing them to how the library works, its treasures, and the people who populate it. He even provides an interview with an architect who is lovingly able to explain some of the recent reconstructions.

Overall, one of the strengths of the book is in the loving attention to detail and the fascinating tidbits of information that are constantly being thrown out. Another strength is that the characters are not high-powered spies with the resources of powerful organizations behind them. Rather they are the disenfranchised "little guys" of society who are fighting against something bigger and more powerful than themselves.

In all, The Collectors is an entertaining read that adds its own quirks and characters to the genre.



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