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Monday, October 02, 2006

More Unfortunate Events

Only 11 more days until The End. Are you ready?

We're almost ready here at Book Help Web. Take a look for yourself:
  • The Wide Window

    Book the Third, The Wide Window, continues the traditions of the first two books and begins to reveal that there is more to the series than previously thought.

  • The Ersatz Elevator
It's hard not to love a children's book which uses "ersatz" in the title and then proceeds to very clearly define exactly what it means. Not that it is coldly defined in Webster-ese. Rather it is defined Lemony Snicket style, with humor and repeated plot illustrations making Book the Sixth in A Series of Unfortunate Events an incredibly fun vocabulary lesson.
No one is safe from the wicked satire of Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket). Every one of the 12 books thus far in the Series of Unfortunate Events turns a satiric spotlight on some institution, person, or organization. In The Vile Village, it's Hillary Clinton's turn on the hot seat.

While hospitals are meant to be places of healing and aid, it's not unusual for their patients to come out feeling somewhat hostile. This is especially true for people who arrive at the hospital in a van filled with interminably cheerful and useless volunteers while fleeing from a Vile Village of crow devotees who want to execute you on trumped-up murder charges. You might feel even more hostile if you were drafted into a filing job in which you were forbidden to read anything (even the file on you) and then an actor disguised your siblings as surgeons and tried to force them to saw your head off.

Despite the very serious themes and the pessimistic outlook, it is a well-plotted, well-written book that continues to pose challenging questions while staying highly entertaining.
The Slippery Slope is one of the better books in the series. It has a quick moving plot, lots of quirkiness, and explores difficult questions of ethics and morality. In all, it's a winner.

And there will be more to come this week and next!


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