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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nicholas Sparks and Dear John

Nicholas Sparks' latest book was released last week and immediately debuted as #1 on The New York Times' and The Book Standard's bestseller list.

It's certainly a book that deserves such sales. It's a sweet and moving book that has an underlying optimism. It's filled with characters who, although flawed, are committed to doing the right thing. Dear John was the first time I had read Nicholas Sparks and I was immediately captivated. Here's what I wrote in my review:

There are some books that draw their magic solely from the alchemy of words. The author takes those everyday metals of the English language, melts them together, and then subjects them to a purifying fire.

Nicholas Sparks in Dear John proves himself to be one such alchemist. The language would appear to be commonplace. The story, told in a heart-breaking first-person narrative isn't decorative or embellished with Baroque turns of phrase. It's the story of a soldier who has fought for and found honor and glory in the battlefield of the heart.

John Tyree begins the book by telling us that he ended the relationship he had with Savannah, a woman he clearly and passionately loves. He questions us on what love is and tells us that once Savannah would have said that it was living happily together fulfilling those simple dreams of home and family. John, though, discovers that sometimes love can call for greater sacrifices. Read more....

Incidentally, #5 on the NYT Bestseller list was David Baldacci's The Collectors, a book the author talked about here.


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