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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Challenge List

Yesterday I blogged about the Juvenile Fiction challenge. Here is the list I'm working with:

Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
Emmy's Question
The Pale Surface of Things

Poetry, Drama, or Humor (any of these will work)
The Triple Chocolate Brownie Genius

Sports, Mystery, Supernatural/Paranormal (any of these will work)
The Secret Zoo

Fantasy or Science Fiction
The King and Fire Chanter
Seeing Redd

Historical Fiction
The Red Scarf
The Pirate Hunter: Book II

Voices from the Village

Classic “juvenile” fiction (first published pre-1920)
Undecided--I'm going to have to take a trip to the library before I decide on this one. I may go with "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll. I think I've only ever read excerpts from that one.

Graphic Novel
Still thinking; "The Sandman" isn't really young adult literature

Still thinking--again, it will require a trip to the library.


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