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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leon Goss III

I'll get back to writing about the young adult literature challenge in my next post, but I'm going to take a slight (very slight) detour.

Toward the end of last year, I stumbled upon a new children's book author. He published four titles that came out on the first day of 2007. All of them were children's picture books with empowering themes. What I especially liked about the three titles that I read was the sense of humor. Most of them had a fairly light touch and were amusing as well as uplifting. Leon Goss III has formed what he dubs an entertainment company that includes a publishing arm.

The main page of the company's Website refers to other books that they're publishing, but the publishing pages of the Website lead to dead links.

Speaking of digressions, I absolutely cringed at the press release talking about their donation of 150 books to a congresswoman for dispersal to needy readers. In a quick read of the two paragraph release, I found eight spelling and punctuation errors as well as content challenges. It was a bit painful for a site that promotes literacy.

Book Help Web now has reviews for two of the three titles that I read and the third one, Selfus Esteemus Personalitus Low, is on the to-do list. My favorite was In Your Seat, Mr. Pete because it took such a delightful outlook on a young, creative, rambunctious boy. However, I was also tickled by both the illustrations and storyline of By the Light of the Moon.


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