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Monday, May 08, 2006

George R. R. Martin

It is with good reason that George R. R. Martin has earned himself an enthusiastic following.

His Song of Ice and Fire was something different in the fantasy world. Yes, it had dragons. Yes, it had magic--though it was very uncommon. Yes, it had journeys and struggles for power.

What made it different was the complexity and the willingness of the author to have terrible, fatal things happen to his characters. Fans of his series quickly learned to not get too attached to any one character as there would be little guarantee that the character--no matter how crucial his or her role seemed to be--would survive.

The Song of Ice and Fire is epic in scale, telling the story from numerous points of view. Last fall, the most recent book, A Feast for Crows, was released. Mr. Martin is now working away on Dance With Dragons, a book that takes places simultaneously with A Feast of Crows.

We at BookHelpWeb were thrilled to be able to talk to Mr. Martin about the series--an interview which is now available at the site. He talks about the series, his writing, and his research.

"When you're doing fantasy, it has to be bigger than in real life," he told us. "The castles are grander. Fantasy is painted in larger scale and brighter colors. "

The Song of Ice and Fire is definitely bigger than real life, painted in vivid colors, and told in a most compelling style.


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