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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

David McCullough brings history to life

There are people of each generation who stand out amongst their peers and who will be remembered long after they are gone.

One such man of this generation is David McCullough and he will be remembered because he has helped to treat America's amnesia and remind us of what has come before us and from whence we came. As a historian, he has dug deep and revealed to us the very compelling nature of our stories. He's reminded us that history is not a stale academic study, but a vibrant pursuit that sets the foundation for our character.

He's also a genuinely charming and fascinating person. Earlier this year, David McCullough was on a lecture tour and came through my neck of the woods, launching the World View Lecture Series at East Lansing, Michigan's Wharton Center. He spoke to a packed audience in the same great hall that stages such performances as Lion King and Phantom of the Opera. On a Saturday afternoon before that lecture, we spoke by phone for nearly an hour. He's a passionate and intelligent man and I'm pleased to be able to share that conversation with you in a Book Help Web exclusive interview.

And if you haven't already, treat yourself to one of his books--for they are just that, a treat. Let his passion for history start a flame in you as well.

Watch this space soon for an additional article on his lecture as well as future reviews of his Pulitzer Prize-winning works.


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