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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Interview: Cornelia Read & A Field of Darkness

Back in early 2000, I stumbled across a site called They were a site that was looking for reviews on a huge range of products. After writing a couple of toy reviews, I settled quite contentedly into the books category and have rarely strayed from there in the ensuing six years.

Part of the attraction to the books category--aside from the fact that there are book reviews there--was the people whom you met while writing and reading reviews. There were a huge diversity of people from all walks of life, many of whom were outstanding writers.

One of those erudite and personable writers spent a few years there and then moved on. I didn't hear of her again until earlier this year when she published a book through Mysterious Press called A Field of Darkness, a book that met with immediate critical acclaim. Author Lee Child declared it one of the best debut novels he'd read and invited its author, Cornelia Read, to go on a book tour with him. Kirkus Reviews called it one of the top ten mysteries of the season. It was favorably reviewed in the New York Times. Not bad for a first novel.

After reading the book myself and being duly impressed, I asked Cornelia whether she'd be interviewed for Book Help Web. She agreed and we've put her comments up on our home page and the interview page. I hope you enjoy them both!


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