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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Here we are in September and I never got to an "August is..." posting last month.

Nor will I be doing September today as there is an eager line for the computer standing behind me.
Labor Day often marks the unofficial start of fall though. I've already noticed an increase in the number of people visiting pages of books that are often assigned in school. Makes me wonder whether there is a sudden rash of kids cramming in their summer reading at the last minute.

Me, I always spent my entire summers reading. My parents have pictures of me lying out at the beach reading a Nancy Drew or a Judy Blume book. Later as a teenager, I'd have a journal where I'd be writing in it or letters to the penpals with whom I'd exchange stories.

Summer was always the time for reading--reading books that I wanted to read and that became my friends, my entertainment, and my window to exciting new worlds. Not a whole lot has changed even though I don't get a summer vacation anymore. I still find myself reading more in the summer than I'm able to through the rest of the year.

This was the summer that I discovered new authors in genres that I rarely read (most of whom I've already blogged here). Currently, I'm reading a memoir by Kevin Clash, the puppetteer who created Elmo and it's a wonderful, uplifting read. Sitting on my table are several other books that I don't seem to be able to get to with the same speed that I devoured books for most of the summer.

Pity, too, because they look just as luscious.


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