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Friday, August 18, 2006

Book Help Web updates

We've had all sorts of new content put up on Book Help Web over the past few days. Normally, I like to blog each one of them separately, but the list is starting to get a little lengthy.

Ron Suskind is the author of the current bestseller, The One Percent Doctrine. He's a Pulitizer Prize winner who is also a Dartmouth scholar.

Laurell K. Hamilton hardly needs any introduction by me, given her popularity and prolifity (is that a word?). She owns the horror genre and is constantly putting out books that are gobbled up by her fans. One of these days, we'll get some reviews up of her books to go with the new profile.

Lincoln Child and his writing partner, Douglas Preston, both have wonderfully droll sense of humor, a trait that has served them well in the book publishing arena. I was greatly amused by the Rogue's Gallery on their site where they responded to bad reviews.

Matt Ruff is a writer who ignores the "book a year" mantra that many of his fellow professionals chant. Nor is he one to stick with a single genre. Instead, he puts out books every couple years, each one in a different genre. In addition to his Book Help Web profile, you can also read a review of Fool on the Hill.

On a more literary note, there is Mario Vargas Llosa, a writer from Bolivia who has written numerous novels, essays, plays, and literary criticism.


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